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The AERONAUT 7000C badminton racket is built on the Aeronaut Technology Platform that has a unique air-stream channel integrated into the racket head. This reduces air resistance which helps to generate faster shuttlecock speeds. It’s suitable for players looking for the best control with little to no sacrifice in power.

Li-Ning COMBAT rackets have a heavier head and a higher balance point. Suitable for very strong, aggressive players looking for MAXIMUM power.

Li-Ning® Badminton Racket AERONAUT 7000C Racket

SKU: SB-R-A7000C
    • CASE: Premium Thermal Included
    • COLOR: Black, Red
    • MATERIAL: Military Grade Carbon Fiber
    • WEIGHT: W3 85-89 grams
    • GRIP SIZE: S2, Small 3 1/4"/82.6mm
    • OVERALL LENGTH: 675mm
    • GRIP LENGTH: 210mm
    • BALANCE POINT: 300mm
    • FLEX: Medium
    • TENSION: Vertical 26-30 lbs, Horizontal 28-32 lbs
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