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The 3D CALIBAR 300C badminton racket is built on the 3D Calibar Technology Platform and features a high-tech, geometric badminton racket frame design that greatly reduces air resistance. It produces faster swing speeds for bigger smashes and gains outstanding reviews from strong players looking for maximum power.

Li-Ning COMBAT rackets have a heavier head and a higher balance point. Suitable for powerful, aggressive players looking for MAXIMUM power.

Li-Ning® Badminton Racket 3D CALIBAR 300C

  • STRINGS: Not Included
    CASE: Standard Case Included
    COLOR: Green, Grey
    MATERIAL: Commercial Grade Carbon Fiber
    WEIGHT: W3 85-89 grams
    GRIP SIZE: S1, Extra Small 3 1/8"
    GRIP LENGTH: 200mm
    BALANCE POINT: 302mm
    FLEX: Medium
    TENSION: Vertical 24-28 lbs, Horizontal 26-30 lbs

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