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The 3D CALIBAR-300B badminton racket is built on the 3D Calibar Technology Platform and features a high-tech, geometric badminton racket frame design that greatly reduces air resistance. It produces faster swing speeds for bigger smashes and gains outstanding reviews from strong players that are looking for maximum power.

Li-Ning® Badminton Racket 3D CALIBAR 300B

SKU: SB-R-300B
  • STRINGS: Not Included CASE: Standard Case Included COLOR: Grey, Yellow MATERIAL: Commercial Grade Carbon Fiber WEIGHT: W2 81-84 grams GRIP SIZE: S1,Extra Small 3 1/8"79.4mm OVERALL LENGTH: 675mm GRIP LENGTH: 200mm BALANCE POINT: 296mm FLEX: Flexible TENSION: Vertical 24-28 lbs, Horizontal 26-30 lbs
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