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The Lightning 3000 badminton racket is an OUTSTANDING quality racket with HIGH STRING TENSION CAPABILITY for players that enjoy generating OUTRAGEOUS power. Lightning 3000 badminton rackets are weighted to generate more power for beginner to intermediate players that are developing their badminton skills and racket swing techniques.


SKU: SB-R-LI3000
    • COLOR: Black, Purple, Green & Grey
    • MATERIAL: Commercial Grade Carbon Fiber
    • WEIGHT: 86 grams
    • GRIP SIZE: Small 3 1/4"
    • OVERALL LENGTH: 675mm
    • GRIP LENGTH: 200mm
    • BALANCE POINT: 285mm
    • FLEX: Flexible
    • TENSION: Vertical 24-28 lbs, Horizontal 26-30 lbs
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