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The AERONAUT 6000D badminton racket is built on the Aeronaut Technology Platform with a unique air-stream channel integrated into the racket head. This reduces air resistance which helps to generate faster shuttlecock speeds. It’s suitable for players looking for the best control with little to no sacrifice in power.
Li-Ning DRIVE Series badminton rackets feature a stiffer shaft and highly elastic head design for rapid repulsion power. Suitable for fast players that are skilled in switching quickly between offence and defence.


  • STRINGS: Not Included CASE: Premium Thermal Included COLOR: Blue, Green, Silver MATERIAL: Commercial Grade Carbon Fiber WEIGHT: W3 85-89 grams GRIP SIZE: S1, Extra Small 3 1/8"/79.4mm OVERALL LENGTH: 675mm GRIP LENGTH: 200mm BALANCE POINT: 305mm FLEX: Medium TENSION: Vertical 26-30 lbs, Horizontal 28-32 lbs
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